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About Life Style Vitamins - Our Products

In the Life Style® product line, we have combined a great selection of the most popular products, always aware of the latest innovations and product interests in the international marketplace. Our technical staff works very close with manufacturing to guarantee that each and every product meets the highest standards as established by the FDA and the Ministry of Health in a variety of countries. Our goal is to continue offering the finest quality vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements with full regulatory compliance that meet the nutritional needs of individuals, young and old.

Our quality control methods guarantee that the potency, purity and freshness of each product meet or exceed these high standards.

Wherever possible, Life Style® nutritional supplements are produced:

  • Without artificial colors
  • Without artificial flavors
  • Without chemical additives
  • Are sugar free, starch free and sodium free
  • And contain NO animal products

We welcome the opportunity to provide you a line of nutritional supplements that meets the needs of customers, is priced for profitability, and is a balanced offering with room for growth and future success.

Remember, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and take Life Style® nutritional supplements! Good Health and Long Life,

Jim Martin

highest quality standards for potency, purity, efficacy and freshness to meet your individual health needs

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